• MIAMI JACKSON ADULT EDUCATION CENTER has ongoing employment opportunities at ALL FOUR (4) of our satellite school locations.
  • We are constantly seeking qualified applicants for a variety of positions: PT Teachers for ESOL, ABE, GED, Citizenship, and Spanish speaking Teachers for GED-Math, Science, Language Arts, S.S. and Science. We are also actively seeking staff in the following areas: Custodial, Security, Clerical, and Testers. Please see the links below for how to apply.

HOW TO APPLY: Human Resources link to apply: http://jobs.dadeschools.net/default.asp

For Instructional opportunities, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in a field of study and a PT Adult Ed Certification.

For Non-instructional opportunities such as Custodians, Security and Testers, you will need a GED or High School Diploma, (3) Three references and at least one reference must be from a former employer, and preferably some job-related experience. For more info see here: http://jobs.dadeschools.net/non-instruct/pdf/NIS%20Hiring%20Process%20steps.pdf

There are six requirements for Non-Instructional applicants to become an M-DCPS employee.

Fulfill Position Requirements.

Apply for an Opening.

Fingerprinting: When applicants interview with the Administrative Staffing office, they will be asked to complete the fingerprinting process (which is located in the same building).There is a $71 fingerprinting fee (incurred by applicant). Payment must be in the form of a money order made payable to “School Board Miami-Dade Fingerprinting.” Click on the following link for more info: http://jobs.dadeschools.net/adminstaffing/Pre-Employment.asp

Drug-Testing: Only after receiving and accepting an offer for employment will applicants be asked to take a mandatory drug test. Drugs tests are given at various locations throughout the County and are paid for by the District. The administrator who offers you the job will provide you with a voucher for the drug test. The drug test must be taken no later than the expiration date appearing on the authorization form.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification: Within 3 days of accepting a job offer, applicants must visit the District’s I-9 verification office at 1500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 115, Miami, FL to complete the process. Applicants must bring appropriate documentation with them. The list of acceptable documents needed to complete the I-9 form is available at http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf (please refer to page 5).

Direct Deposit Selection: Also note that during the employment verification process, applicants will be asked to select their Direct Deposit method as the District no longer issues paper payroll checks. Please bring all applicable banking information. For more info: http://jobs.dadeschools.net/adminstaffing/Pre-Employment.asp

For Clerical/Secretarial Applicants: Candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in clerical skills through a series of clerical tests administered by the Office of Non-Instructional Staffing. Eligibility for clerical positions is based on scores attained through the clerical skills tests. Candidates will be scheduled by appointment only. Please e-mail clerical_testing@dadeschools.net to request the appropriate clerical skills test.